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Sunday, September 23, 2007

FASHION: Trainwreck?

"Wtf, omg" are two words that come to mind whenever I see a crazy Britney Spears photo or an equally crazy Paris Hilton photo or a Xenu-like Victoria Beckham photo. Posh Spice isn't exactly a "trainwreck", but gee, hanging-out with Scientology nut Tom Cruise sure has turned her into an alien. Just check out her dress! As for Britney Spears... well, she needs help. Her former bodyguard (the fat one with glasses!) called her a "drug-binging bad mother" and I totally agree!!

And let's not forget Paris: Earth to Paris Hilton: If you don't want to be viewed as a hooker, perhaps it'd help if you don't dress like one!

Brit-Brit, your wig is slipping off!