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Sunday, September 2, 2007

FASHION: Disaster!

Do you know what irritates me? Ugly clothes. Sure, I've made a few regrettable mistakes, but the man-made disasters below are simply unforgivable!

Que horrorrrrrrrr!
sources: D-Listed; Omg, Yahoo!

Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron was at the Venice Film Festival to promote her political crap movie, In The Valley Of Elah. She glammed-up for the fourth day of the festival but her over-the-top gown, with its unflattering cut and "feather duster" look, does absolutely nothing for her figure. The longer you look at it, the uglier it looks. As for her other outfit- a simple white mini-dress -it looks positively gorgeous on her! She has the most amazing legs ever and it's great to see her show them off. However, I don't believe oodles of lace should be used on a dress. It reminds me of tablecloth.

From JustJared


Too bad the troops can't join her and Canadian director, Paul Haggis! They're too busy fighting America's enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan!