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Friday, August 10, 2007


Sunni Fighters and U.S. alliance -Washington Post article about the complex strategic relationship between former insurgents and U.S. soldiers. Problems (such as lack of trust) are carefully balanced with benefits.

U.S. helicopter forced down near Baghdad -AP article about a helicopter incident that resulted in two non-life threatening injuries for two soldiers. Still under investigation. Also, the article mentions the Shiite pilgrimage that recently took place. The march was generally peaceful: From a crowd of about three million only a few attacks occured, resulting in seven casualties. U.S. troops took a low-key role to show respect; still, a few loyal followers of crazy fatass Muqtada al-Sadr angrily shook their fists at the sight of U.S. soldiers. Pfft. Those jerks need to be a little bit more grateful! Two years ago, the same religious festival was struck by bloody tragedy as 1000 thousand pilgrims were killed in a panic-induced stampede, and 20 others were shot by snipers.

Abu Sayyaf v.s. Philippine Troops result in 52 deaths -Twenty-five al-Qaeda linked militants and twenty-seven soldiers were killed during a violent clash. Horrendous! Abu Sayyaf and other militant groups in Jolo are known for kidnapping Catholics and foreigners. Just recently, fourteen Philippine Marines were ambushed, tortured, and beheaded by an Islamic militant group. The Marines were on a mission to rescue a kidnapped Italian Catholic priest. (He was released later on and- omg -"forgave" his tyrants. Courageous.)

Taliban says Korean hostages are safe -for now -Well gee.