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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thirty Days.

I watched an old episode of 30 Days. It went something like this: A Christian army reservist with conservative values went off to San Francisco to live with a liberal gay man for thirty days. He received a "gay education" from the community, and spoke often to gay people who all tried to change his views on homosexuality. He also met with former soldiers who were gay. In the end, he admitted that his views on homosexuality were wrong.
The show made me a little... sad. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate gays. In fact, I have a few friends who are gay, and I respect their achievements. It was just painful to watch a whole community try to change someone else's point-of-view, while refusing to understand his points-of-view. I mean, one of the lesbians on the show got a little pissed because... soldiers carry guns and kill people. I kind of get her point, but if soldiers didn't carry guns, and if they didn't kill bad people, she wouldn't have the freedom to live her chosen lifestyle and express her opinions.
I guess I'm a little upset with how fast the world is changing. And you know... I can't do anything about it but hold onto vanishing traditions and values. Being outrageous seems appealing to my generation, and I have to admit that I've been tempted to do outrageous things, but people continue to push the line. Nowadays it's fine to mock God, it's fine to destroy the beginnings of human life, it's fine to worship devils, it's fine to blow-up people, it's fine to be perverted, it's fine to ... etc.

I'm not the holiest human being on the planet, but I'm a little glad that my mind isn't too open to just about anything.


Bigkurt26 said...

Hey good post. We're probably around the same age and I couldnt agree more. Anything goes these days and I wish we could reverse that trend