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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Russia's fight for power.

Well, it's no secret that Russia is aiming to be the Next Big Thing. Although I admire Russia's rich culture and history, President Putin is totally annoying me! Up until I got bored with the Romanovs I had high hopes for the defunct Romanov Imperial Family: I even nurtured a naive belief that there was a huge possibility the remaining heirs can somehow sashay back into the Winter Palace and reclaim their lost power. Silly, I know, especially since hardly anyone knows there are living Romanovs across the world today, including a few Americans from Palm Beach who are just fine being ordinary hardworking Americans and not Romanov tsars. Speaking of the Romanovs, a Russian anthropologist allegedly stumbled upon the remains of the two missing children- the heir, Alexei, and his sister. Russia plans to investigate the tsar's death once more. Interesting.
Anyway, President Putin sent his fans swooning after shirtless photos of His Imperial Highness appeared on the presidential website. So not hot! And a crazy Russian billionare offered to buy a U.S. bomber at an air show near Moscow. From the article: An astounded member of the U.S. delegation said the bomber was not for sale but that it would cost at least $500 million (249.5 million pounds) if it were to be sold on the spot. "That is no problem. It is such a cool machine," the Russian was quoted as saying by the newspaper, which said its reporter overheard the conversation. The bomber was not sold.
Anyway, Russia is also developing a Global Navigation System, and of course, I don't know what on earth that is. The article claims that the Russian system is suppose to be similar to the U.S. Global Positioning System... whatever that is. Gee, my total lack of knowledge on systems and things makes me feel kinda stupid.