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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Pretty things.

Fashionable giftbags: A good enough compensation for the heart-attack your dear wife might experience over that crappy- uh, thing -you are trying to pass off as an anniversary gift. Tee-hee! And just in case you're thinking of getting something for your sweeeet little daughter, check this out. It's an adorable purse pendant that has a vintage feel to it. Now if that's too simple for you, you may choose to shower your little princess with these delicious Baccarat crystals: Tourmaline Crystal and Blue Scarabee & Silver.


Update: Camilla will not attend Diana's memorial. Good. She's a vile woman and does not deserve to be there.

Update: Tom Ford's tacky sex-drenched perfume advertisement. Where on earth did all the class go?