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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Iraqi-Americans Protest Against Terrorism.

Update: U.S., Iraqi forces kill 33 retarded insurgents to free town's water supply. Take that, you selfish insurgent bastards!

Denouncing terrorism...

TEHRAN, Aug 25 (MNA)-- Hundreds of Iraqis residing in the U.S. converged in the front of the Saudi embassy in Washington on Friday condemning Riyadh’s policy towards Iraq, Sotaliraq said on its website.

With slogans “Down with Terrorism” and “Shia and Sunni Should Unite in Iraq,” demonstrators called for the immediate halt to Saudi support for terrorism in Iraq and the issuance of “takfiri” religious decrees (fatwas) by Saudi scholars.

Nazar Heydar, the director of Iraq information center in Washington and a member of the international center for campaign against terrorism, said “by this demonstration we meant to draw the attention of the world to Saudi Arabia as the real source of terrorism.”

“We believe that by issuing takfiri religious decrees and financial support of terrorist operations, Saudi Arabia is the real source of terrorism, not only in Iraq, but in the entire world. We read in the press that 50% of suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudi nationals,” he explained.

In a statement issued by Iraqi demonstrators, they called upon the U.S. to pressure Saudi Arabia to stop actions leading to the murder of innocents.

“We tried to submit a copy of the statement to the Saudi ambassador to Washington, but he refused to accept it,” Heydar noted.

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