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Friday, July 20, 2007

Dior Fashion Show

Update: Here is Victoria Beckham's Roland Mouret Moon Dress (paired with a delicious ostrich-skin Hermes Birkin bag!). The simple, origami-folded frock is heavenly and truly deserves to be petted, worshipped and loved-to-death by every girly-girl on the planet! Check out the video below to see Christian Dior's fashion show and his (beautifully) bizarre take on the origami trend.

Dior's Summer 2007 Haute Couture Collection- jaw-dropping.

Here is a beautiful Dior fashion acrylic painting from Winnett Art.
I'm trying to produce two sets of sketches (those blasted dummies and A-line skirts!) fashion illustrations while listening to Rihanna's idiotic but very catchy song, Umbrella, and surfing the web. Which is why I'll probably never finish anything... oh well! Anyway, I adore this...

Well, love the dress, hate the shoes.