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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Que horror.

My God, how horrible is that? And these are the same strange women who happily announced on CNN yesterday that they are ready for the suicide bombings to begin! I'm boiling with anger over this because they can't seem to understand that they are only making things worse for the world. Sorry girls, but not everyone on this green earth wants to live in an Islamic state!
It is not only in Iraq and Afghanistan that people are trying to combat radical Islam, but in Thailand, Philippines, India and Somalia as well. Oh, and London and Glasgow too. My point is, these people are only hardening the anger and disdain that many citizens around the world feel over their extreme religious beliefs. I mean, I am a peace-loving, stop-illegal-whale-killings and save-the-trees kind of person, but all this Islamic craze makes me want to... I don't know, scream out loud or something! I hope to fucking God that I will never have to put a burkha on and adhere to strict, life-shattering rules in order to appease a couple of crazy supreme Islamic leaders or what-have-you. It is frightening to even just think about it!
Now I feel rather proud of my Catholic background even if I am a little skeptical over the story of Jesus and company. At least I know the Pope will not stone me to death for wearing fab denim minis on a Saturday night out... I mean, gee!

I have nothing but great respect for those who are brave enough to fight terrorism in the name of freedom and democracy. God knows how much we need people like them: Warriors who are willing to be the thin line that separates hell from the rest of humanity. They deserve petals to be thrown at their feet. Seriously.
I'd feel bad for those women featured in the photo, if only they weren't quick enough to advocate suicide bombings to kill oodles and oodles of innocent people. In a way, they are victims of an oppressive religion- but... radical Islam has done way too much damage around the globe for me to harbor any tender feelings for those who practice it... and for those who are willing to idly stand by while suicide bombers continue to commit slaughter. It's just sick.

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Mister Ghost said...

They are scary, aren't they, Danielle?

The Wraiths in Black is what I call them.

Traditionally in Central Asia,
in places like Pakistan and Uzbekistan, etc., Islam was somewhat tolerant - at least a lot more tolerant than what was practiced in the Arabian Peninsula/Iraq/Iran.

For instance in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which is one of the most famous centers of Islamic learning with over 360 mosques - a mosque for every day of the year as they say - there was a long standing Jewish settlement, and there are still Jews there today.

But the damn Saudis with their
oil money have infested most of the Middle East and Asia with Wahabbism, and it's radicalized
the local population.

The Saudis have pumped millions perhaps bilions into Pakistan
mosques and madrassas and beget a more fundamentalist, more dangerous version of Islam.

The entire country of Pakistan is in danger of being Talibanized,
and with nukes too.

Really scary stuff.

Danielle O. said...

CNN has this program about the Taliban in Pakistan. I saw how madrassas are conducted there. It was just so strange, and I felt rather bad for the kids. Even for some of the adults. They looked LOST and it's a shame they may end up being the next suicide bomber. They're wasting their lives to waste more lives. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Victory to the Islamic State of Iraq

Death to the American filth