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Monday, July 23, 2007

Lock-up the loopy; War support has risen.

Update:Support for the war inches up.

"American support for the war in Iraq has risen somewhat as the White House has continued to ask the public to reserve judgment about the war until General David Petraeus files his report in the fall.

In a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted over the weekend, 42 percent of Americans said taking military action in Iraq was the right thing to do, while 51 percent said the United States should have stayed out of Iraq.

Support had been at all time low in May, when only 35 percent of Americans said the United States’ involvement in Iraq was the right thing and 61 percent said the United States should have stayed out."

Cindy Sheehan gets arrested.

From Yahoo.Com:
Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Monday at the Capitol for disorderly conduct, shortly after saying she would run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the California Democrat's refusal to try to impeach President Bush.

Sheehan was taken into custody inside Rep. John Conyers' office, where she had spent an hour imploring him to launch impeachment proceedings against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Conyers, D-Mich., chairs the House Judiciary Committee, where any impeachment effort would have to begin.

"The Democrats will not hold this administration accountable, so we have to hold the Democrats accountable," Sheehan said outside of Conyers' office after the meeting. "And I for one am going to step up to the plate and run against Nancy Pelosi..."

Extra: About Cindy.
Cindy Sheehan became a controversial anti-war activist after her heroic son, Casey Sheehan was killed in Iraq. Little is known about Casey as Cindy likes to... well, talk mostly about herself, or how President Bush is an evil tyrant out for oil, or how deliciously awesome Hugo Chavez is. To be honest with you, I am completely disgusted with her behavior. She continues to spit on the memory of her son- perhaps without meaning to? -and belittle the noble sacrifice he and his fellow soldiers made. To know the story of Casey Sheehan- soldier, warrior and hero -click here. It is because of brave men like him that freedom continues to reign in our world.