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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

al-Qaeda and mermaids.

CNN just gets more ridiculous each day. They released a "report" last night about the "Al Anbar Awakening", branding the U.S.-allied tribal fighters as murderous militias who tortured and killed innocent civilians. Of course, forget the cheerful people waving from their homes as the band of murderous meanies whizzed by- they're U.S. allies, so they must be fucked-up in some way, right? Now I am aware that these tribal fighters are not Mommy's perfect little angels, but they are able to protect the townsfolk from al-fricking-Qaeda. There is a good reason why people have decided to turn their backs on al-Q, and that is because when al-Q was in charge, crime ran high and families were slaughtered. So when CNN showed a video (from an "Islamist website", no less!) of the U.S.-allied good-for-nothing-murderous-Sunni-Militias semi-beating up al-Qaeda terrorists, and then executing two of them by the gun, I didn't feel all that outraged (shocked and even disgusted, yes, but not outraged). Murder will always be horrible, no matter how justified it may seem, but I don't have much sympathy for masked men who mutilate and murder innocent men, women and children, as well as bake little boys and serve them to their families! What really angers me is how CNN tried to use the footage to undermine the great efforts of the U.S. troops, as well as the Iraqi people- who are, by the by, risking their lives by publicly supporting the troops and their own government -to create a huge controversy and put the troops in a bad light. Again. (The second I heard the reporter's mocking voice say, These are the new allies of the U.S. forces..., I knew it wasn't going to be good!)
I am well aware that Iraq is still pretty fucked-up, but I've no doubt in my mind that it's getting better. Militias, insurgents and terrorists are all pretty fucked-up people and I can only imagine how hard it must be for the troops to fight a clean war and make all the fucked-up people get along and separate the most fucked-up ones and kill/capture them (al-Qaeda!). It's not an easy task! Well while CNN continues to criticize... well, everything ...I'm sure that the folks in Al Anbar are sleeping a little bit better.
Or not- hell, maybe I'm wrong and al-Qaeda terrorists and al-Qaeda inspired terrorists and wannabe-Osama Bin Ladens happen to be good people and all the happy faces I've seen in Al Anbar province are as fake as The Islamic State of Iraq! What do I know?
ANYWAY, I love mermaids! I've always loved mermaids since I was a little girl and I'm still obsessed with the Walt Disney film! I swear to God I know all The Little Mermaid songs by heart and I've got Ariel dolls and Flounder pillows. Retarded, hey? Well whatever, my mom just gave me an awesome mermaid vase. It's been sitting on a shelf in my closet for about four days now and I just remembered I even had it. I don't care much for, uhm, vases, but anything with mermaids on it will be truly, madly, deeply loved by me!